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I think it's super important to have consistent naps. For a while I was oversleeping, pushing them forward or backwards, and taking cheat naps. I didn't realize until now that before I started doing that I was waking up without my alarm two out of three times. Since becoming inconsistent I NEVER woke up without my alarm. For the past 3-4 days I have cut out cheat naps and been scheduling my naps more regularly, and have found that I wake up naturally more often.

Also, when I was inconsistent I would never feel more refreshsed after a nap... I would only become more awake during an awake cycle. Now I am feeling refreshed after naps too.

This is One for Dinner Parties!

On jstJSH

Do you feel like life sometimes throws you a curve ball? Something you aren't expecting; that throws you completely off-balance and out of your comfort zone? I used to hate those moments and would gladly watch as they drifted by. Which is why the story is worth telling.

I spend a lot of my nights awake. It doesn't bother me and I'm not moaning about it. But occasionally when I really do want to sleep with the moon in the sky, I am completely unable to. Last night was one of those nights. Rather inexplicably I came up with the idea to go for a run. Tire myself out and get some much-needed exercise; makes total sense.

I don't own any health clothes so I threw on a tank top, a pair of denim jeans I'd cut into shorts and a pair of espadrilles. I was feeling pretty fierce. In hindsight, this is how I felt I looked:

This is probably how I actually looked:

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