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Be Excellent

I'm trying to write something personal improvement related every Monday and a story every Wednesday. I hope these are interesting to people, because I generally think that most personal improvement articles are relatively useless.

Every couple weeks I scan through lifehacker.com, and inevitably think "Man... this is a lot of useless junk."

Now... I've definitely found some good stuff there, and have had some of my articles featured there, so it's not ALL bad. I just feel like most personal improvement stuff is geared more towards FEELING like something has been accomplished rather than actually taking action.

Onto the arms of the bear / Taking a bite of the APPL...

On The Tiny Octopus

Yep it's finally happened as many people predicted. Overconfidence and impulsiveness have rode me onto the arms of the bear. Apple tanked another 25$ overnight and I've lost ALL my profits from the previous day swing trading from Tesla save for 15$ (there's that lunch money I mentioned earlier...) All of this because I thought I could play Apple during it's overhyped press conference. It turns out I was the one who'd be getting played all the way down.

A quick recap of what's happened since my last blog post:

* After market trading shows AAPL down to 493 from 494 after market close. I have a stake at 499 with orders to sell at 503. Hoping an institution bites just long enough for me to get out without much of a loss.

* I sleep (somehow restfully! - playing some Garry's mod and looking at MTG cards before bed prolly helped)

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