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A couple days ago I read a book recommended by Tyler, whose blog is the only blog I read religiously.

Anyway, the book is about mastery, and it really rang true for me. In it the author talks about the different types of people who are NOT masters, and I am pretty clearly one of them. I'm "the hacker".

What that means is that I get some level of proficiency below mastery, get satisfied with it, and don't progress. I'm acutely aware of this - I get to the level where other people respect my skill, but never push myself as far as I could go / would like.

Being self sufficient

On Non linear life

One of many things I admire about my dad is his persistence. This is demonstrated through his desire to be self sufficient. On the other hand it has taken me a lifetime to develop this skill. It may have taken him a while also, but I can only speak to the time I have known him.

Recently I tested my own persistence and self sufficiency with my lawn mower. It is is 25 years old. My son had been using it for a lawn service this summer, so it had received far more use than in the first 25 years. As a result a back wheel had disintegrated.

I went first to the local hardware where I purchase a generic wheel. First the wrong size. Next I realized the wheel needing replacement had a gear in it. New mowers are $300. I am frugal in some ways. The mower has a good engine. So I decided to order a replacement part. Once it arrived I was able to quickly fix the mower. Right parts + right tools = success.

Years ago this would not have happened. Maybe the first part of the sequence, but not the outcome. I had failed many times in the past and my reaction had been that I was somehow deficient. Why didn't I know how to do everything? (Note see posts on ego).

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