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How I Prioritize

I've realized that I prioritize in a pretty different way than others. I don't know that my way is the best way for everyone, but by sharing it I think I may at least expose a few ideas that will be useful for others.

One of my very top priorities is self sufficiency. Not in the prepper sort of way, but just that I want to make sure I can completely take care of all of my needs without imposing upon anyone else. By doing this I can ensure that I have a good life and also that I have the maximum capacity to direct my attention towards other people.

The obvious expression of this is having developed a very satisfying yet extremely inexpensive lifestyle (even with the "luxuries" in my life, I can easily live under $1000/mo) as well as enough effort-independent income to cover those costs permanently. But it also extends beyond finance. I am completely emotionally stable and happy without anyone else. That's not to say that I don't benefit from being around others, only that I don't lean on them for my own well being.

After self-sufficiency, my next priority is probably great relationships with great people. Three of my favorite people were all in Tokyo for the same two days, mostly by coincidence, so I went out for the weekend. Sometimes I fly to San Francisco for just a day or two to see my friends there. Even when I have very important work to do, I'll put it aside to have tea with my friends.

My (own) life??

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

Lets start with apologizing for being away so long > .

Priorities. I always seem to get them wrong. What's more important - being happy in your present or being happy in your future? Being happy yourself or making others happy? Being successful or being content? Heart or mind?

It's difficult for me to say. And in what order should I prioritize the people in my life? My parents have for me what they can, loved me and scolded and tried to do what they think is best for me. But...does that give me an obligation to prioritize them over my own wishes? Or my friends or people I love? For one thing, I know my parents want me to have a very academic job where I make lots of money, which is all well but personally, I'd rather just go without the stress.

And they don't really like how I dress, I don't dress particularly scantily or anything, its just that I like wearing crop tops and they hate it. Something like this for me is easy to just conform to their wishes, after all, I understand their concerns.

They also have a very particular idea about who they want me to date or marry. Rich, clever, good job, etc. etc. and of course - Singhalese! Which errr...is not happening XD

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