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Random Notes on Places I've Visited Recently

I haven't been writing travel stories recently, but since I've been through so many different cities in the past month, I figure I should share a few little notes on each, just in case you're heading through one of them soon.


I just can't get into Beijing. It's not a bad city, but it's sprawling, smoggy, and a little bit faceless. This time I stayed in the hutongs (alleys), which was pretty interesting. Forbidden city is really neat, but the park right behind it is at least as interesting. Climb to the top for a great view. The only reasonably healthy restaurant we found was Saveurs de Coree, a Korean restaurant. Everything was pretty pricey, except for the bibimbap set meal that comes with little Korean appetizers, fried tofu with onions, bibimbap, and cinnamon tea. Not perfectly healthy, but the best I came across.


Rational Decision-Making Is Fundamentally Irrational

On Linus Rylander

Because rationality only considers information received in the past... and information you can process on a rational level.

It does not see the whole picture.

Your "gut feel," on the other hand, takes into account all the information that is actually available to you.

Your gut feel is a feedback mechanism that gives you information based on input received... even if you can't rationally understand that input.

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