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How To Actually Get Results

I've been interested in self improvement for a long time. I'd get into stuff like "Mega Memory", language tapes, or "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". For a while I didn't really like to talk about being interested in this stuff because it was slightly embarrassing.

Bettering oneself isn't embarrassing, of course, it's the association with "those types of people". You know... the people who read all the books, go to all the seminars, and then don't do a thing about it. Maybe the most embarrassing part is that I was one of those people to a degree. There were a LOT of things I'd start and either not finish or not get results from it.

Is this the fault of the program or the book? Not at all. It's up to ME to follow through and implement the things I learn.

Missing the Fat Pitch


In baseball, the vast majority of damage a hitter does is by smashing a bad pitch.

The pitcher is trying to throw a ball past the batter. The batter is trying to hit it.

The worst pitch for a pitcher to make is sometimes called a "fat pitch" -- that's a very straight, relatively slow pitch in the middle of the plate and the middle of the hitter's power zone.

In Major League Baseball, almost every full-time player is going to hit the fat pitch hard. The majority of those hard-struck balls with turn into doubles and home runs. 

But the majority of people in the world aren't able to hit the fat pitch in baseball, they'd probably have a hard time hitting a baseball at all.

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