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8 Health Foods That Are Bad For You

Yesteday Todd and I were choosing a place to go to lunch. I normally go to Whole Foods because they have healthy delicious food, unlike almost everywhere else. However, we wanted to try somewhere new. How about Veggie Heaven?

I'd never been there before, despite living across the street from it for two years. I used to eat awful food on a daily basis, and considered vegetarian and vegan food to be for hippies. I still do, actually.

Anyway, we get to the restaurant and are handed three menus each. The main menu had almost fifty items in it. Many were marked as being vegan. Hey, this must be healthy, right?

My First Post (Is a lot to boast)

On The Fox's Tail

Hello Whoever-is-reading-this,

My name is.....

Blah Blah Blah, the standard introduction where I am supposed to state my name, age, gender, where I'm from, what I like or dislike etc. But does it even matter?

It does? Fine then, read the following paragraph if you want to know about me, otherwise, skip straight on ahead....

My name is Manika, I'm a 13 year old girl (as of October 2013), the day I made the world a better place (in other words, my birthday) is 27th March. I love (not in any order): Books, Basketball, tennis, frozen yogurt (pinkberry), football (thought I partially suck at it), chocolate, FOOD, INTERNET, Instagram, my iPhone, my family, my friends, reading, writing, music, movies, animals and TV (I know...typical teenager!). I don't like (Ok, this is gonna be long): Annoying people, show-offs, people who suck up to other people, fake friends, slow internet, two-faced people, people who are cruel to animals, attention-seekers, pollution, negativity, AND MORE...

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