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Solving Non Existent Problems

A few minutes ago I had a great idea. I'll set up a super backup system. I'll put a 16gb SD card into my laptop, and then have it automatically back up my projects and photos in the background. Then I'll also set it to backup certain things to the internet, and even more to my external hard drive.

A week ago I had another good idea. Apparently the bugs have been ironed out and MacOS can now be installed on my laptop. Perfect. I love Mac OS and I don't have any particular affinity for Windows.

A couple months ago I was in my RV and had a big thought. The square footage is so small in here that I could install marble floors for next to nothing. How fun would that be to have a tiny RV with marble floors? And while I'm at it, I should put some LED lighting in. It's way more efficient than incandescent lighting.

New List: Uncensored Thoughts

On Imported Blog

The writing that makes its way to my website has gone through tons and tons of hoops. I will rarely admit that I know nothing, and if I do, I put out a plan to correct that.

But at the same time, I'm sixteen years old, and I have tons of unformed or half-formed ideas and thoughts left inside that I actually really want to talk about.

This is a list that puts out whatever I want. It's going to be written very differently from the site's content. I want to have conversations. I want people smarter than me to tell me how they feel about what I'm talking about. Here's a basic rundown of topics:

Basically, this list is my own support/mastermind group. But instead of pitying me or telling me that I'm the best, I want people who challenge me and introduce me to new ideas.

As I said in the Year in Review post, the best way to challenge your ideas is to talk to people. This is my workaround.

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