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Solving Non Existent Problems

A few minutes ago I had a great idea. I'll set up a super backup system. I'll put a 16gb SD card into my laptop, and then have it automatically back up my projects and photos in the background. Then I'll also set it to backup certain things to the internet, and even more to my external hard drive.

A week ago I had another good idea. Apparently the bugs have been ironed out and MacOS can now be installed on my laptop. Perfect. I love Mac OS and I don't have any particular affinity for Windows.

A couple months ago I was in my RV and had a big thought. The square footage is so small in here that I could install marble floors for next to nothing. How fun would that be to have a tiny RV with marble floors? And while I'm at it, I should put some LED lighting in. It's way more efficient than incandescent lighting.

Tests tests and I don't give a fuck

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

So recently we've been having loads of tests, well of course, I'm a GCSE student so meh of course, and my school is pretty strict since it's a generally well performing school. Other than our few GCSE controlled assessments and the crap load of course work, we also have our end of term/ late mid-terms to do. And today I have/had a total of two assessments, both orals for modern foreign languages. I find it funny that its called MFL but the languages such as Japanese and Mandarin, useful for foreign business and also a highly demanded translator language, isn't taught in many schools. In fact, Japanese is only taught in 7 schools in England ._. Well ok then.

I think most people can actually relate: so you have an exam coming up and you've been flunking the whole term so this is your chance to make up for it. To be honest, the test doesn't really matter in the future but the stress is kind of forced onto you from the people around you and teachers who constantly pressure you. Oh and don't forget parents, of course you have to do well for them.

But~ meh, I'm stressing but hey I know I'm going to fail so why study? Maybe if I studied hard enough I could get better results I could do fine and surprise myself but for now I'll just flunk, it's not like it matters if I keep getting 60%-70% for a year as long as I do well in the exams that actually matter.

I can never revise for tests I feel are stupid. Mid terms, end of term tests and even end of years. Totally useless, its not like anyone other than your teacher will see them, even if your parents do, the worst that could happen is if you get lectured for a while but even that isn't much.

As long as you do well in the tests that matter, the ones that actually have an impact in your life, its ok right? That's the way it's always been, I haven't met many big tests yet but soon I'll have my GCSEs and then eventually, my AS > .

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