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Trogdor the Ropefish Goes Crazy

A few months ago a friend of mine moved to Vegas. He had a really sweet fish tank that he couldn't take with him, so he gave it to me.

I got really into it, of course. The only problem was that the fish kept dying. Here's the graveyard :

1. The cutest little red fish in the world. He was this tiny shy red fish who would always hide. Finally after a month of having him he started to come out of hiding and swim around. To move anywhere he really had to get his tiny little fins moving. I went to Massachusetts to visit family and left the heater in the house set to 70 so that the fish wouldn't get too cold. I have a little heater in the tank, but I didn't trust it. Unfortunately there was a heat wave, and when I came back the poor little guy was dead.

A lot of leaping, a lot of faith

On slow lane on the expressway

ON FILM: Taal, 2011

Yesterday, I spent one-third of my first paycheck this year by ticking off one item on my bucket list - learning how to swim. Yes, at age 23, yesterday was my first swimming lesson.

I’m glad our group was assigned to a seemingly knowledgeable and cool coach. I’m having this feeling that I’ll be getting my money’s worth.

Plus, yesterday’s lesson wasn’t much for me to absorb and follow. I learned how to bubble, float and do the flutter kick. I think it helped that I’m self taught, that it’s already a part of my instinct to glide, paddle and use my hands to swim from one point to another. I just needed the right technique so I can be more efficient and that’s what my coach gave me.

But I think more than learning the proper techniques, I have to face my fear of deep waters. Anything beyond 5-feet would make me quiver and I would resort to just dipping my feet. Or if I really have to, I need something to hold on for my dear life, like the gutter or some floaters.

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