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How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 1

As far as I was concerned, she was perfect. She was at least as smart as I was, was a dancer and had the body to prove it, and had a smile that could disarm the national guard. Let's call her Julie.

So, like an earthworm stalking it's prey, I put my usual game on her. Since my last flowchart was so popular, I've made another one to show you how I dealt with the ladies back then:

Nedless to say, things went slowly. We hung out nearly every day for the last couple months of our Senior year summer vacation. Like many guys, I was totally oblivious to her attraction for me. One morning Julie came over really early while I was still sleeping, and squeezed into my twin bed with me. I woke up, and assumed that she must be tired - it didn't even occur to me that she might like me. Finally on the last week of that vacation she said to me,

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On Flash Bang

My art job kept my contented for a while, I was getting paid barely anything and working in desert heat but those were sacrifices I was willing to make. Everyone there was an artist, most of them with years of experience so that was kind of intimidating but it made me want to work harder. Getting better at my new trade, perfecting the skill-set was all I cared about for over 2 years. During that time I also started my own face painting business doing private birthday parties and local fairs which taught me a lot and kept me busy.

On slow days I would have an almost uninterrupted 5-8 hours to practice face paint and henna on myself, it didn't take too long to get good enough for customers to be satisfied with my work, it took a bit for me to be happy with it, but it happened. Towards the end, it drove me crazy, I was just so disenchanted with my day-to-day, every design boiled down to a science and I felt like I wasn't learning anything new or being creative. Kids will choose the same 4-5 designs more than half of the time and even though I haven't face painted in 6 months, it's muscle memory at this point. I could still do those in 5 minutes without a thought, I'm almost sure of it. Face painting at home with unlimited references available could still be fun, because it still feels like art and not repetition, maybe one day I'll get back into it but right now I just save my skill-set for over the top halloween costumes.

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