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Biking in Tokyo

We finally bit the bullet and bought bikes. Not just any bikes, though, hilarious foldable ones.

They fold up pretty small and are light enough to carry around.

There's a term here, "gaijin smash", which is when a foreigner does something uncustomary or illegal but no one stops them because they're all too polite here.

To The People of Hong Kong: On Virtue, Authority, and Terror (Marshall vs. Cathay Pacific Management)


Everyone I know is terrified of air travel.

Literally. Everyone.

They have infinite power and zero accountability.

When you're in an airport, you're at the mercy of the people there. If they don't like what you're doing, they can do anything they want to you, and you have no recourse.

I understand the necessity of that coercive power - but such immense power requires immense accountability.

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