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Massive Improvements

Perhaps due to my new commitment to not oversleeping, the past 2-3 days have really been great. I had a couple light sleeps in my chair (<1 hour), but the overall quality of both my naps and my awake time continues to increase.

Today, for example, I haven't been tired for the past 24 hours. My minor oversleep of 30 minutes was because I was bored and just spacing out at my computer.

Each nap I've had in the past 24 hours was accompanied by an awesome dream, and naturally ended before my alarm clock. Usually when that happens I get another quick nap in before the alarm goes off, but when I woke up early on my most recent nap, I just got out of bed. The funny thing is that I was SURE that I overslept - I felt great and it seemed like I was in bed for hours.

How Much Does an Interlock Cost?

On Life With an Interlock Device

I was court ordered in the great state of NJ to have an Interlock installed for Six Months after the restoration of my license.

The service I used was seemingly the best deal around, coming in at just over $ 700.00 for the 6 months if you paid in full at installation. This covered the rental of the unit, the monthly(or bi monthly) monitoring appointments, installation and removal, AND Insurance on the beeping box. The box alone is around $ 1500.00, and you are on the hook if it breaks during use, is stolen, is tampered with, etc. BUY THE INSURANCE. The people I used are:


The unseen costs are:

-The annoyance every time it beeps requesting your attention.

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