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Living in a Small RV: Introduction

When I first bought an RV to live in last year a lot of people thought that it was a phase I would quickly snap out of. Part of me thought the same thing. Would a move from a 2000 square foot condo to a 100 square foot RV be bearable?

As it turned out, it was more than bearable. I loved it. When I left the country to travel, I sold everything including the RV I loved so much. Seven months later, back in Austin and faced with the proposition of finding somewhere to live, the decision was simple.

I wanted another RV, and it had to be even smaller.

Preparing For Your Move

On Why Buffalo?

There’s a lot to get done when moving, but it becomes especially hard when the move is a very long distance. Since we went from Virginia to New York, we’re going to focus on moves that are about 500 miles away or more from home sweet home.

There are several major questions you need to ask yourself: How much stuff do I have? How am I going to move all of that stuff? What is my budget? How much money do I need to save? How do I tell my family? What if I have roommates, what do I tell them? What will be our new cost of living? Does my job allow transfers, or will I need to be on the hunt when I arrive? How long can I survive without a new job?

Jeez, that’s a lot of questions! But we’ll tackle them all, and as long as you think things through thoroughly, you should be able to have a fairly painless moving day.

First, let’s tackle the problem of stuff. How many possessions do you have? Are you going to take all of that with you? I highly advise having a yard sale, giving clothes away to charity, and getting rid of all trash or junk before you move. The things that you don’t need and don’t use will take up valuable real estate place in your moving truck, and ultimately waste money. This will also give you some extra cash to add to your budget.

Once you’ve streamlined your possessions, you have to decide how you’re going to get everything to your new home. There are surprisingly few options out there when money is definitely an object.

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