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10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Life

My biggest criticism with personal development, self improvement, or whatever you want to call it, is that a lot of it is theoretical or has little effect on your life NOW. Of course, most people become interested in personal development because of problems they're facing immediately, which creates a perfect setup for disappointment.

Thinking back on the different areas in which I've directed my efforts, here is a short list of some of the most effective ones which got results quickly (in no particular order):

1. Buy and read the book Fantastic Voyage : Live Long Enough to Live Forever. It's a fascinating read and will give you a deep and valuable understanding of your body, nutrition, and food. When I read it I did so because I was bored, even though I had no particular interest in health or diet. Reading it instantly changed the way I see a lot of things.

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I've been doing a good bit of reading lately, and I thought I'd share what I've been getting into .  .  . A couple of days ago, my older sister lent me a book to read that she borrowed from the library.  It's is called "Water For Elephants" .  .  . It tells the story of a young man whose trajectory in life changes after the sudden death of his parents.  He inadvertently joins a traveling circus. I'm not done with this novel yet, but I must say I am enjoying it IMMENSELY.  The story is so completely engrossing and full of such sweet and likable characters.  I will give a full review once I am done. Secondly, I've been studying up on how to better handle one's finances and have been using a book to help me incorporate best practices to do so. I've been reading this .  .  . This book offers a lot of practical advice in language that is clear to understand.  It covers topics ranging from your income to housing, jobs, savings, college expenses, retirement, etc.  In this delicate and depleted economy that we currently have, it is in anyone's best interest to tighten one's belt and be more practical.  I don't like to waste anything, especially money. Lastly, I've just started reading this .  .  . As a musician, I don't ever pretend to know everything there is to know about music, but I am certainly willing to work to achieve such a lofty state of being.  Since I have honestly had relatively little formal and/or classical training, I am well aware that there are probably countless ideas and concepts that I could stand to be familiar with.  This book is a step towards all of this.  It covers all things involving various chord structures, chromaticism, inversions, diatonic triads, and a whole slew of ideas I haven't the foggiest clue of.  Should be an interesting ride. I do love reading books, and I have a vast interest in so many topics. More to come soon. -gordon

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