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A Lucid Dream

I had my first lucid dream since beginning this thing.

I had woken up naturally after about 15 minutes of sleep, and as I was drifting back into dreamland, I realized that I was sleeping right as I started to dream. I thought "wow... let's try out this lucid dream stuff" and leapt off some stairs. I hit the pavement and it felt like real pain, although it didn't last. Then I figured that I needed to think about flying, and as soon as I did, I could feel myself being yanked way into the air.

It was a strange experience. I could barely see what was happening in the dream... everything was really fuzzy. But I could feel it as if it was actually happening. I woke up after just a minute or so.


On Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

Today was one of the first tennis tournaments of the season, and it. was. cold. Keep in mind, I live in south, so I am not comfortable with extreme cold temperatures. The high today was 41 Fahrenheit (5 Celsius), which was actually pretty nice, but the morning was too cold. 30 Fahrenheit. -1.111111 Celsius. TOO. COLD.

If anyone from the North are reading this, you're probably LOL'ing, slapping your knees, and looking outside your window at the pile of snow blocking your view of the road. Listen here, Yankees and Canadians (Adrian Zekusic). Here in the South, we are adapted to heat. And lots of it.

Anyway, my day started off early. I woke up at the *wonderful* 5:45 AM and got all ready to freeze my patootie off. Wore layers, packed blankets, packed food, packed money...etc. Arrived at school at the *wonderful* 6:40 AM, expecting to board a bright yellow bus fairly soon, but our lovely bus arrived not one, not two, but two and a half hours LATE. To be honest, I wasn't too disappointed to spend time playing UNO with fellow tennis players in a heated school.

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