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Conversion Doubler is Done!

Ahoy! After six months of doing little other than working on it, Conversion Doubler is finished. You can see the rough draft of my copy at www.conversiondoubler.com. YES! It feels great to be done. It came out amazingly well... I'm 100% confident it's the best product out there. If anyone who reads here would like a copy, I will give it to you for 75% off ($50/mo). The catch? You must have posted a comment to the blog, sent me an e-mail, or have had an account before today on my forums.

In other news, my RV is for sale. If anyone here would like to carry on the tradition of being a nomad, here's the link : Tynan's RV. Even if you don't want to buy it, there are a bunch of pictures taken by my brother, so you can see how I lived for 9 months!

I wrote an article for Alex Shalman about my new productivity system that I talked about in my new years post. Check it out and come join me in the forums where I keep track of my progress every day.

Finding Life-Work Balance

On No Status Quo

Some time ago I realized that if I want to make good things happen, I've got to start working hard. I'm about to graduate from college, and if I want to live the kind of life I've always wanted, I really have no choice but to work my ass off. 

And so I did. Or at least I was trying my best. 

I started writing this blog. I was spending 20+ hours a week at my part-time job. I revived my iPhone photography website. I was studying direct response marketing and copywriting. I spent more than an hour each day hand-copying successful sales letters. I was working out four times a week. I was doing all of that while being in my last semester of college. Most of my classmates are already freaked out, even if they aren't doing anything else. 

It's probably not hard to see that my life was not exactly fun most of the time. My quality of life was suffering, and I was beginning to feel isolated from other people. Not good for an introvert. And my productivity was beginning to suffer. 

More and more often I found myself mindlessly spending time on the internet. It's one of the things I really don't want to do, yet I was often wasting hours online. My motivation was getting worse and worse. I was still more productive than I'd have been a year ago, but it was obvious that I could do a lot more. 

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