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RV Questions and Answers

My last post on living in an RV has generated a bunch of questions by comment and by email. Instead of responding to them individually, I'm going to answer them all here.

How long did it take you to outfit the RV with solar power?

Putting solar power into an RV is a simple job, primarily because most things in an RV (everything that I use) runs of 12V DC power instead of standard household 120V AC power.

Stop Tiring Yourself Out With Your Todo List

On Huan M. Nguyen

A couple weeks ago, my todo list was stressing me out. I use Wunderlist, which is a pretty great way of keeping track of all the things I have to keep track of, and for reminding me of what's coming up next, what I have to work on.

At first, it was a niggling feeling in the back of my mind. All I knew was that this feeling of slight unease had something to do with my system for tasks, but I didn't identify it. Then I read an article that mentioned the words 'list fatigue', and that was it. The article was probably talking about something else, but the words just fit what context I had about my todo list.

It was the buildup of too much stuff on the list(s).

I let things slowly accumulate into a backlog of tasks that needed to be done, and that was not a good idea. Having an extremely long - and growing - todo list is a vicious cycle. If your experience is similar to mine, then that ever-growing list just points out how much you need to do, and you procrastinate, making that list grow even more. That turns into a cycle that quickly makes you feel worse, as well as wreaking havoc on your productivity.

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