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Superhuman 2 Event

As I mentioned before, Superhuman #1 went extremely well. Everyone left not only with actionable steps to reach their goals, but also with connections to some other really great people. I was a little bit exhausted by the end, but it was really a great experience to get to do deep work with some of my most serious readers, and to get to know them on a personal level.

I collected feedback from most of the attendees. No one rated the event less than 8/10, and 95% of the critical feedback was on logistics and timing, which I admittedly did not do a great job of. Using their feedback plus our mutual experience, I am ready to put on a second event which should be even better!

The biggest change is that this event will be 2.5 days long instead of 1.5 days long. On the first event I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fill so much time with useful content, but now I realize that more time would have been much better. People also universally wished that we had more social time (with all but one person suggesting 70% work and 30% social vis the 90/10 split we had this time). So this time around we will have much more social time.

The goals of this event will be for each attendee to have actionable next steps on their most important goals, to be paired with a like-minded peer to hold them accountable, and to get to know me and their fellow attendees.

Everything Is Apocalyptic When You're A Teen

On The Panicky Hummingbird

Two things happened when I became a teenager: First, I became acutely aware of guys and second, my family started attending a new church. Let's start with this shift in religion. This church, like the previous one, was very small. However, from the first Sunday service, I realized that this church was a completely different atmosphere. The congregation was amazingly welcoming and friendly. The first Sunday we attended, a family invited us over for lunch, and we had a wonderful afternoon with them.

We became regular attendees of this congregation, and even though the church was small, a small group of teenagers my own age attended. We all became good friends which presented some new experiences. One of the girls, Emily, who attended, became a life-long friend. One of the toughest people I know, she was adventurous, loved to experience everything life had to offer, and was as tough as any guy out there. In contrast to my shy and timid ways, Emily was bold. Through spending time with her, I grew bolder, more confident in my opinions and myself. She knew what she wanted and didn't take no for an answer. While I still remain a quieter person than Emily, her vivacity for life changed my own.

And then there were the guys. As I turned 13, I began noticing guys and attraction. The guys at this church were interesting. They treated me like I was an equal. They would constantly do the silly and even bizarre things that young teen boys do to get a girl's attention. One guy in particular, Tim, caught my eye. He was in a band and had a bizarre sense of humor. We weren't evenly matched. I was still stuck in my straight-laced past and painfully shy. But, I loved his boldness and wanted to be near him, to know how he had come to be.


While I'd like to say that I began changing because of Emily and this new church environment, it would be a lie. What truly brought about my first change was this boy, Tim. It wasn't just that I was attracted to him. he also seemed fascinated in me. Even though we barely shared more than a few words and awkward pauses each Sunday, we continued to find ways to be together, as difficult as it was.

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