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The Five Year Battle With a Domain Squatter for Tynan.com

First off, let me say this: BOOM! I got Tynan.com! YES!!

Okay. So back when I was in high school, I had the idea that maybe this internet thing was going to work out, and I might want to own Tynan.com. I put www.networksolutions.com into trusty old Internet Explorer 3.0, searched for tynan.com, saw that the domain was available, and then balked at the $70 price for two years.

I'll just get it later, I thought.

Yay new home

On The Tiny Octopus

I've always been a fan of procedurally generated stuff. When I signed up to get my SETT blog up today it came in with the default name of 'The Tiny Octopus'. It really spoke to me so it will remain for now. I can always change it again later and I like improvising stuff. Time for a quintessential 90's web construction link.

Update 4/22/13 - Took responsibility for my older posts from Tynan.com and sucked them into my domain. Will be swallowing my older content from the other 2 blogs I've had as well and maybe even some surprise stuff from before that in the future.

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