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Amex Good, Hostgator Bad

I love my American Express card. I have the platinum one thanks to Todd, which has a lot of cool benefits like being able to go into airport lounges and such.

However, they always seem to freeze my account when I travel. Last year, when I went to Tokyo, Todd and I ate at a baller Kobe beef restaurant in Kobe. We went to pay and both of our Amexes got declined. Ouch.

We called from a payphone across from the restaurant and they finally fixed it.

Reasons to opt Managed Cloud Hosting

On The Solid Baboon

This period of cloud hosting has arrived. On the subject of cloud computing and servers, there are many computing models that can be used. Its all about what design your enterprise employs is based on what your business can be aimed at, and also the major desires dedicated by your business and virtually any relevant federal polices how your computer data can be maintained.

Underneath you'll discover a summary of few benefits of utilizing cloud servers with managed hosting:

1. The Automation of Failover & Resource Balancing – The resource as well as failover balancing which is performed between your hosting companies can be managed through an automated procedure which is triggered through the VMware to provide the virtualization technology Cloud Computing. This specific automated method offers the convenience of failover protection, and also the chance to manage and up-date hardware without having using a managed window.

2. High Access – This maintained cloud is created as well as built round the high availability model of the exclusive cloud structures. The desired redundancy can be integrated into a whole model by way of several hosting companies.

3. Hybridize (Physical Servers) – Maintained hosting with cloud servers yields the capacity for databases engines that need actual physical servers to complete specific capabilities and share focused community having a could server. This significantly develops a new hybrid that's composed of the two, actual physical servers as well as cloud servers.

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