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Meeting Steve and Erin Pavlina

Steve and I have a long but sparse history. By the time I'd first heard of him years ago, I'd tried,and failed,to do the polyphasic sleep schedule twice. When he started to experiment with it, tons of people sent me links to his site.

His first day was like mine, so was the second, and so was the third. On the fourth day I wrote him an e-mail giving him some tips and letting him know that it was about to get a lot harder. Day four was hell and I'd never made it through five.

He wrote back and said something like, "Thanks for the advice, although I refuse to consider the possibility that I might fail."

She was 10 years older, but the chicken was incredible

On Linus Rylander

I was on a date with a 29-year-old girl.

I turn 20 in April.

I approached her at the skytrain station. She was with some friends, taking pictures in front of this exhibit type of thing. Didn't know her age, I just thought she was cute. If you like referring to any sort of scale for measuring female hotness, she was definitely at the upper end of it.

So I walked up and said something along the lines of "Hi. I just saw you as I was walking by here. You're really cute, what's your name?"

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