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VIDEO: Twenty Four Hours in Beijing Part I

I woke up on Friday in an incredible amount of pain. My ankle, which I injured the night before during a particularly vigorous game of trampoline-dodgeball, had swollen the point that it looked like a bruised potato with toes dangling off.

Even the slight pressure of my blankets sent rushes of pain through my foot. I tried to get out of bed, failed amid a cloud of expletives, and got back in bed where I tried to fight off the pain by gritting my teeth and growling.

This was the day I was supposed to go to Tokyo by way of Beijing, where I had a twenty-four hour layover. As much as I had been looking forward to this trip, it occurred to me that I might not be physically capable of making it to the airport.

Story of Heartbreak

On Striving For Happiness

So, i've been single for about 2-2,5 years now?

Last time I was dating a girl was the end of my sophomore year. Her name was Lisa. We had a very deep, yet shallow relationship. We were so close to each other we would do ridiculous things like blowing on each others stomach to make fart noises. Well, I did that to her. But she never really knew a deeper side of me. I didn't really share it. I had a strong resentment towards my good friend/Roommate, Allan, at the time, but I only spoke of it a few times. I had insecurities and dreams, but I never shared them. Same goes for her, I think. All in all, it was really shallow, but we were like best friends.

I went through therapy earlier this year, and I started thinking about things I've never thought of before. I've had a lot of bad relationships honestly. I've achieved a lot of my goals, but I've never quite been too comfortable in my own skin. Kind of weird I didnt notice that for 22 years. lol.

I started seeing a girl in Dallas, and then I suddenly moved to Austin. I dated her for a month and told her the day before I was leaving. It was the first relationship I had in about 1 year since dating Gabi. The moving company packed up my stuff while I went to go visit my co-teacher that I taught with at a middle school. She was the only person aside from a few friends that I wanted to say goodbye to. That was it. She yelled at me, and slapped me, and threw my keys at my face.

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