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The Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader

My friend Elisia first showed me an ebook reader, the Kindle she bought as soon as they came out. The quality of the screen was jaw dropping - it wasn't anything like a computer screen, but instead actually looked like paper. As amazed as I was with the device, I had no intention of buying one. The form factor was clunky, it seemed like a superfluous device, and it couldn't natively display PDF files, which is the format I tend to read (and publish) in.

A couple months later I was wandering around in the Sony Store and I saw their ebook reader, the PRS-505. It had the same amazing screen that the kindle had, but was much smaller, less than a third of an inch thick. When I found out that it could also natively read PDF files I was tempted to buy it, but was still concerned that it was just a useless toy.

Six months later my friend Vince brought a Sony PRS-505 on the trip to Morocco that he joined me on. I found myself asking to borrow it constantly, just about any time he wasn't using it. If he fell asleep on the bus I'd carefully slide it away from his grip and read on it.

RIP Steve Prefontaine

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Now I know this is my third blog post of the last five about running, but I really had the urge to write down something today and couldn't think of anything less.

38 years ago, one of the greatest upcoming American runners died during a DWI. Steve Prefontaine was his name, and he only lived till the age of 24. Now he died long before I was even alive, but his legacy is strong enough that I encounter something about him every few days.

A runner at the powerhouse of the University of Oregon, he competed in the Olympics while 21. He just missed out on medalling, and got fourth place (which is still, extraordinary) in the 5000m. He ended his collegiate career with only three defeats. I wish I was alive during his dominance of American running (he held records in all distances ranging from 2000m to 10,000m), but the fact that his name still lives on attributes to what he achieved.

The main influence he has on me are some powerful quotes that motivate me to achieve beyond my limits:

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