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I've Got My Pockets Jammed With Jeffersons (and other updates)

My friend Jonah decided that he was going to break off his long standing relationship with the more common bills and use two dollar bills as the primary fodder in his wallet. I thought it was ingenious. Here's why:

I never like copying people's quirks, but this one is too good. I told him that I wanted to copy it, but whenever anyone remarked how cool it was, I would give him credit. He agreed.

I went to the bank yesterday and as I was leaving, I remembered that I wanted to get some deuces (oh, did I mention how cool all the nicknames are for them?). They had just gotten a shipment in, so I got my hands on a freshly minted stack of 100 sequentially numbered two dollar bills. Thanks for the idea, Jonah!

If You Give a Man Your Fish, Does That Make Him an Expert Fisherman?

On Ten Ways

Say there are ten fishermen who catch fish for a living. They have varying degrees of expertise. Some work harder than others. They all struggle a lot because, well, fishing is hard. But they also catch a lot of fish.

Then say a man comes along offering advice on how to catch more fish. He tells the fishermen to each give him one of their fish. He then displays all ten of those fish on the dock, hitches up his britches, and says "See why you should follow my advice? I am an expert fisherman!"

The great majority of self-help experts make their living from other people's fish. But the really amazing part is that they then have the temerity to point at their success in collecting other people's fish as evidence of their own expertise.

And a lot of people eat this up ... hook, line, and sinker.

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