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The Legend of the Sequin Hat

The Legend of the Sparkly Hat

Anyone who has seen me in real life, seen pictures, or realized that the awesome cartoon at the top of this page is me, knows that I wear a sparkly hat almost all the time.

One day I a friend called to see if I wanted to check out "First Thursday". It's a monthly event here in Austin where the stores on South Congress stay open late and serve beer. Since none of them have a liquor license, they give away the alcohol for free.

If you ever want to feel better about your life

On The Insolent Oak

Go to your local bar, the one that is open the latest, or the dive closest to you neighborhood, and arrive about 45 minutes right before last call. If you're a semi-regular customer, you'll have encountered a lot of interesting people at this point. Especially if you live in a series of small "rural" cities AND you've gone to several of the (only) local bars. Sat next to a local pizza driver, not horrible (maturity level) for an almost 30yr old male in these parts. Across the bar sat a guy, whom we recognize, most especially remembered for his vomit breath and mad desire to dance dance dance. Said vomit breath was talking about being "taken advantage of" by the bi-male who was their with his mix gendered friends. Said vomit breath was quite intoxicated. Some how, this makes me feel a little better about my life. I partake of the local bar scene not because that is where I want to meet people for adding to my social circle (not even for one night stands). I go because it's pretty much the only place still open at that time of the night in which I can hang out with my other friends. My very few friends. Yes. I am a hermit. Don't ask me why. It's too long and complicated. Follow this if you're really (bored) interested and it should reveal itself to you. So, what makes me actually feel better about my life is a conundrum. Is it because I have just enough to frustrate me in my life, that makes me feel like an adult, but not enough to need to drink to fuzz it out? I have had my sorrows, but have learned to be stronger because of them, never needing alcohol as a tool? Is it because I have enough self respect to not be sloppy drunk in public? I have self control issues? Maybe I'll think about when I wake up for the day, if it ever decides to cross my mind again. Knowing how often I visit a bar... It probably will.

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