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Goodbye, 2011

And somehow we're done with 2011 already. Last year I made one goal (getting this site to the top 50k in Alexa), and I didn't make any effort whatsoever to reach it, so at this point I'm giving up on yearly goals. But I will say this-- if SETT isn't rocking and rolling by this time next year, I'd better be a famous rapper.

I may be blind towards the future but hindsight is 20/20, so I'm going to a quick summary of the year.


Internal Scorecard #13: When Good, And When Not


INTERNAL SCORECARD #13: When Good, And When Not

I write up an "Internal Scorecard" of my production to share looks at what actually positively and negatively affects getting things done. For the readers here, it gives an inside look into finishing things. For me, it gives me a public accountability mechanism.

This one covers the two-week span from 17 August to 31 August.


Before we kick off, this is now my favorite video of all time. It's incredibly important:

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