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Short Term Imbalance, Long Term Balance

I've been called unbalanced many times. Not mentally unbalanced (that I know of), but unbalanced in terms of how I spend my time. I spent a whole year doing nothing but pickup. Three years doing nothing but working 12+ hours a day. A lot of time traveling like a maniac. Sometimes people think I work way too much, sometimes way too little. Where's the moderation?

Multitasking was a really sexy until every study proved that monotasking was better. Focus on one thing, then another, then another. Don't try to do all three at once. Extreme focus led to balanced productivity in the end.

I think the same is true on a larger scale. Dedicating your life to mastery in a certain area for months or years at a time unlocks benefits not otherwise available. When your life is "about" something, you prioritize better, go deeper, and get help more from people.

Most people who know me would probably use "well-rounded" to describe me. And if you look at my history, you'd probably agree. I've seen a lot of the world, produced a lot of work, have some level of mastery over social skills, have hard technical skills, and have checked so many items off my bucket list that I probably need a new bucket.

What are you avoiding?

On Drew Millar

My original plan with my blog was to write a few introductory posts to get the ball rolling. You know, build a bit of momentum before I actually need to be creative. However, I'm sitting down to dinner and had a thought I'd like to put out there. Maybe a bit of a revelation for me.

So I consider myself to be a pretty social person. I'm not THE most naturally charismatic person in the world, but I generally don't have trouble meeting new people and turning them into friends. It actually took some concerted effort to get to this point, but that is another story for another time. Bottom line, I've experienced social anxiety in the past and putting myself out there is something I still think about. It's like a skill or a challenge, but at this point, most would consider be pretty outgoing.

I moved to Amsterdam a little over a year ago and one part of my daily routine is my hour and half commute to work...by train. Especially in the mornings, my favorite thing to do in the train is drink a coffee and read a book. I've probably read 25 books in the train since moving out here. It's relaxing, helps me think, and I like it. On the way back home, my eyes are usually a bit tired from staring at a computer screen most of the day so I read only occasionally.

Another way to spend your time on the train is through socializing. I work for a big company in Nike and there are a lot of employees who take the train from Amsterdam to work everyday. Having been out here a while, I almost always run into acquaintances and people I know vaguely from work. The problem is, even though I like to be social at work and outside of work, it's not really my thing on the train. I'd rather read or relax. Not only that, but if you run into someone, chances are you will be with them for over an hour. That's like a date. Maybe even longer than a date.

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