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Coming Soon... 2008

I'm doing my new years post a few days early this year. I have a post coming out on the first and I want to give this one a few days at the top.

So first, let's get to last year's goals.

#1... Failed completely. I gained a lot of insight, though. A few things here...

Welcoming 2014 With Some Challenges

On Stoic Running

My idea for this blog is fairly simple.

I would like to post a weekly recap of my week where I go over my progress of my various challenges that I will set and to keep me accountable.

I will also try to post some useful bits about what I am interested in. As of right now this includes Stoicism, running, triathlon, and minimalism.

The minimum amount of posts will be my weekly recap.

Onto my challenges for 2014:

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