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Coming Soon... 2008

I'm doing my new years post a few days early this year. I have a post coming out on the first and I want to give this one a few days at the top.

So first, let's get to last year's goals.

#1... Failed completely. I gained a lot of insight, though. A few things here...

Less Excuses Provide More Harmony

On Hopeful Notes ...

Who is the best excuse maker around? You? Me? I would guess all of us are good at making excuses.

I am great at making excuses because I love to rationalize my behavior, my attitudes and what I think about what's going on.

Excuses give us a sense of well being that is delusional but we feel good about it all.

Well, sometimes. I bet there are times when you made an excuse you didn’t feel so good about but then maybe that was because you did not tell the truth.

Our excuses are good stories we tell. They sound good and make us feel good because we want to be accepted by others.

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