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Coming Soon... 2008

I'm doing my new years post a few days early this year. I have a post coming out on the first and I want to give this one a few days at the top.

So first, let's get to last year's goals.

#1... Failed completely. I gained a lot of insight, though. A few things here...

Why Am I Writing Every Day for 60 Minutes For The Next 90 Days?

On The Words of Focus Project

Right now, nothing matters. The battery on my phone is running out. My coffee is growing cold. People might want to talk to me. Everything isn't perfect.

But none of that matters. Not for this 60 minutes.

For this 60 minutes, I am a writer. Do I have something to say? Maybe. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that I will write. For 60 minutes.

Why am I doing this?

Because I have failed myself so often that I can no longer trust myself not to fail. Because I no longer believe my own resolutions to myself.

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