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Quitting Life Nomadic

As you may have guessed from the title, I am no longer going to be doing Life Nomadic. I'm in the Dominican Republic  now, and will leave as soon as I can find a decent ticket back to Austin. I might go to Haiti first, since I'm already over here, but I'm not sure yet.

There are a bunch of little reasons, but the biggest one is that I feel like it's time for me to settle down. Not completely, with a wife and kids and all that, but I'll at least be staying in one place for a few years. I miss having a house, a car, my own bed and furniture, and maybe most of all: a kitchen that I can keep stocked constantly.

People have been telling me for a while that I should develop some responsibility, and that's probably right. Doing whatever I want all the time is definitely fun, but at some point I have to ask where it will lead in the future. I love kids and know I'll have some eventually. If I keep traveling I may never be in a position to raise them properly.

A Hidden Treasure

On Imported Blog

And then there was little town of Las Terrenas in the city of Santa Barbara de Samana, about a 3 hour drive from the boisterous city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Free of tourists, coupled with very few modern influences on culture and landscape, Las Terrenas is a very attractive destination.

This past February, I visited the little town of Las Terrenas in the city of Samana, DR with two of my girlfriends because we wanted to watch the migration of the whales. We stayed at a villa in Eva Luna, where the ethnic feel and layout unearthed senses of extreme calm and bliss. We were greeted with fresh coconuts, free wifi and a complimentary continental breakfast.

We moved around the town in Motoconchos and Quad bikes. In our bid to go whale watch, we drove the quad bike 2 hours from Las Terrenas to downtown Santa Barbara de Samana. It rained, the sun scorched, we ran out of gas in the middle of the highway, and our quad engine stopped working on our trip to downtown. It was one of the craziest travel experiences I've had in a foreign land. After 2 hours on the road, we finally made it to the commercial downtown of Samana. We went to the port and we got on a boat to go watch the Whales entertain us. Despite the crazy day we had, whale watching was definitely worthwhile.

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