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MaxDiet Week: Introduction

I occasionally mention my diet, which has spawned some questions in a recent thread as well as in my survey results.

So this week I'm going to explain my diet in detail, focusing on what I eat, why I eat it, and the facts behind the food.

The ideas aren't mine originally, and I'm certainly not the only person to eat this way, but I call it the MaxDiet because there is no formal name for it, and from the research I've done it appears to be the best possible diet.

Maybe you have a Medical Preoccupation with MMOs and Pay to Win

On StratX

We've all been preoccupied at some point. We get caught-up in tasks at work or so focussed on a text conversation that we miss a deadline or event we were waiting for.

From the Free Dictionary, preoccupation is defined as; a state of being self-absorbed or engrossed in one's own thoughts to a degree that hinders effective contact with or relationship to external reality.

I've seen different forms of this myself and I can tell you what you are preoccupied by can be good or bad. The notion we have a healthy preoccupation with something is not evidence that the activity, subject or idea is bad. Preoccupation with a girl or boy doesn't mean that my desire to know them or have a relationship with them is bad. It's the way in which I am going about it; caused by being preoccupied. Love can blind us, so to speak.

I am relating this to unhealthy medical preoccupation with MMOs, but want to get it out of the way that it doesn't mean the MMOs are the bad thing here. Perhaps mass preoccupation is affecting game-design, which in turn could be harming what MMOs are and stand for, but I think I'll save further talk for future posts.

Preoccupation for the person is powerful and invisible. It leads to a loss of reality and with no reality to judge against, we have no idea anything is happening. It's a bit of a scary thought, but thankfully, reality is as close as looking around a room or just searching online and finding comparisons and mainstream viewpoints. It's both very difficult to deal with and easy to see. Those of us that get caught up can have a tough time, while when we aren't preoccupied, we have a sense of clarity that seems to come naturally and easily.

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