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I just finished Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers. I always like reading Gladwell's books, but mainly as entertainment. It's that sort of smart writing that makes you feel like you're learning something important, even though the main purpose of the book is for entertainment.

Still, with any book I read I generally try to come up with some immediate actions I can implement from it to improve myself or my life. Outliers had a couple good ones that I'll share with you.

Small Scale Persistence is IMPORTANT

A Little is Better than None

On Huan M. Nguyen

I used to be scared of going off the rails, even a little.

My past logic: if I go off the rails for a little bit, who's to say that the "little bit" won't turn into two "little bits" next time, until the habit is eradicated completely? If I meditate for 2 minutes today instead of 5, what's stopping me from being lazy next time and only doing 2 minutes?

Seemed sound at first. In retrospect, it's painfully obvious that it's much better to go off a bit, than go off completely.

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