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The Day the Bus Died

I told this story the other day and then immediately thought, "Man... that's a good one for the blog."

As I wrote about in my converted school bus story, my friends and I used to have a school bus. We went on a lot of fantastic trips in it, but those stories will have to be for another day.

Our very last trip took us to Las Vegas. It wasn't meant to be our last trip, of course. It was just a short little jaunt to Vegas. Of the six passengers on the bus, half were part owners of the bus and half were just friends.

Business and Time


Argument isn't the right word. No, we weren't arguing. But we sure were having a spirited discussion.

We had a super talented team to do a quick project. The chief programmer/engineer and I were having - well, we weren't arguing, no, we weren't doing that. But we were spiritedly discussing. He had realized that the general technology stack we were going to use had some limitations, and he wanted to go back do it in Ruby on Rails from scratch.

"Timetable?" I ask.

"Three weeks," he says.

"Unacceptable. Let's go forward with what we've got. I'm aware of the flaws."

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