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How To Make Lots of Great Friends

Sometimes as a plane takes off, or a line for a bus inches forward, I occupy myself by making a mental list of things I'm grateful for. The list is never-ending, but the item on the list that I'm always most grateful for are the people in my life, my friends and family.

I don't think that I'm a grand expert of friend making, but I must have done a few things right to end up with such great friends, and I think I can tease out some core ideas.

The first is to not annoy. When I think about great people I'm not good friends with, the reason for the distance is always some level of annoyance. And it always seems to be a shame-- such a great person, but so hard to spend the time with them that it would take to become friends.

I'm sure I do plenty of little annoying things, but my time in pickup helped me develop a self-awareness to seek out those things an eliminate them as best as possible. If you have trouble making friends with people you think should otherwise be your friends, it might be time for some deep introspection and work on awareness.

March TV Show Madness Round 1 Part 2

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Here's the bracket after the first half of Round 1:

2 Arrested Development / 15 House of Cards

Similar to Community, Arrested Development has one of the largest cult followings but failed to reach a mainstream audience. This resulted in the show shutting down after the three seasons. But, the fourth season is coming this year (after almost a decade) in a few months on Netflix! This show was fantastic and was characterized by its subtle humor. In fact, some of the humor is so hidden so you have to watch each episode multiple times to catch all the jokes.

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