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Going Raw

I used to walk into McDonalds and often times I wouldn't be charged for my food. Why? Because I went there so frequently and brought so many friends, that they knew I was good for business. My favorite meal was the Fishwich, a mighty sandwich made with a bun, american cheese, a deep fried fish patty, and a generous portion of tartar sauce. To fully sate my appetite I always supersized.

My parents had always encouraged me to eat healthy. I just didn't see the point. I felt good, I wasn't fat, and I never got sick. Why fix what isn't broken? I was thankful for my good metabolism and assumed that eating healthy was for people who didn't have it so good.

Then a couple years ago I watched Super Size Me. I watched it for entertainment, but it was the first time I began to believe that what I ate actually mattered. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. When subjected to a McDonalds only diet, the creator became depressed, lethargic, and generally didn't feel too well. That was the day I stopped eating fast food.

Respect isn't always convenient

On Kicking Thoughts

I recently had an experience with a local business owner that could have turned out far worse for her.

In an effort to help her, I offered to teach some Conditioning classes at her dance studio for her students and possibly any interested parents.

Currently, it runs 3 times a week. Our last conversation about the class was that it would be decreased to 1 time a week in the fall.

Not only did she cancel the class (no big deal to me), but I found out because my wife looked at the fall class schedule, then asked me if the "Conditioning Class" on the schedule was mine.

At no point was I upset the Conditioning class, I had been teaching was cancelled. What upset me, is that the owner of the studio had ample opportunity to communicate with me regarding the cancellation of the class.

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