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What's Wrong with Raw Food?

I gave raw food a try a while back for somewhere around forty five days. I bought a dehydrator, made a lot of my own foods, and bought the rest from the Whole Foods raw bar. In the end, I didn't stick with it. Here's why:

Despite all of those reasons, I always had it in the back of my head that I would become raw later. The dogma just sounds so good, and it's hard to argue against eating anything as raw and unprocessed as possible. Once I could afford to hire a chef or eat every meal out, I'd do it, I thought. But recently I learned something that changed my opinion. Barring any overturning evidence, I will never be primarily raw.

As it turns out, we've been eating cooked food for TWO MILLION YEARS. Two million! While we haven't had time to evolve to a refined grain diet, we have certainly evolved to eat cooked foods.

Working Out and Getting Healthy

On The Constance Chronicles

Since my announcement to start the 'Insanity' program a couple months ago, I've gotten a few Facebook messages inquiring about my progress and if I had made any modifications to it. I thought I would just write a post about the exercise I have done in the last few months and the exercise I plan on doing starting yesterday.

I made a few modifications to the Insanity program but not before completely changing my diet. I had already been living in Korea for about 3 months before I actually started exercising regularly. 80% of weight loss and health is what you eat.

1. For breakfast I have yogurt, granola, and a piece of fruit. I will typically wash this down with a large cup of water and a cup of black coffee. For lunch, I have brown rice with mixed vegetables. For dinner I substitute the brown rice with wheat noodles. If I need a midday snack it will be almonds, cheese, or another piece of fruit. I cook most every meal at home. At times this can get tiresome and boring but it's the only way you really know what you are getting in your food. Most of what is on my plate consists of vegetables. When I get full on vegetables I never feel guilty. Also recently, I have been drinking one glass of water every 45 minutes, using the bell at school as my start and finish time.

2. Sleep is important. This is actually my biggest struggle at the moment. I don't start work until 2:30pm and get home around 8:30pm. This schedule is a dream but can easily create the life of a night owl. It's important to get plenty of rest, however, even though I get 8 hours of sleep a night, waking up mid morning (9am to 10am) makes me sluggish and lazy. By the time I'm ready to be productive and work out, I'm already at work. I've found early mornings make it more conducive for working out and getting healthy.

3. Commitment is key. Diet and exercise needs to happen regularly and consistently in order to see any results. I know the inspiration and desire to get fit is very strong early on and wears thin as the days pass. Find ways to inspire yourself to continue on your journey to fitness and well being. I'm lucky to have Melissa whose commitment runs deeper than mine. She holds me accountable and offers new ideas to keep the routine fresh. Also, taking measurements is helpful when you want to see if your body is taking shape. Even though I use a scale to measure my weight, I also take measurements of my waist, hips, thighs, calves, and chest. Where I haven't seen too much of a change on the scale, my measurements have changed drastically. Also, take pictures of your body every 2-3 weeks. Same positions, SAME CLOTHES. Once you see the changes this will definitely serve as encouragement to keep it up.

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