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Japan Summer 2011 - Part 1

There's so much I can write about my trip to Japan that just attempting to start this post has been too daunting to make its way into my schedule since I left. Now that I've been out of the country for a week, though, I realize that putting it off any longer might mean that it gets lost in the shuffle. Can't let that happen, can I?


For the fourth or fifth time now, Elliot has let me stay in his awesome apartment in Shibuya. At this point I've actually lived in his apartment for over two months in 2011 alone. Despite doing what I can to be a good guest, I know it's a bit of an imposition to have someone stay with you for such a long time, so a huge thank you is due to Elliot. I'm incredibly fortunate to have somewhere to stay in Tokyo, but far more fortunate that it's at the home of a friend whose company I enjoy, even after so many weeks.

Different in 90 Days: Where will you be on June 18, 2013?

On The Best of Sett

Happy spring everyone! Do you ever have those moments where you wish you had started something long ago so you'd be further along than where you are today? 

Today I'm going to share some goals I'd like to accomplish in the next quarter. There is never a best time to start something new so how about now? 

April 1st is 90 days into 2013 and although we are still 10 days out, it seems like the time from January 1-now has simultaneously flown and crept along. 90 days seems like just long enough to make real progress without being too far off in the future to forget about. 90 days seems like something I can stick to. No need to wait until April 1st, I'm starting today.

For the next 90 days I am committing two 4 goals in different areas of my life that I would like to see improvement in. Below the goal is my motivation behind wanting the goal and beneath that are two small actions I can take towards the goals. The list will serve as my reminder for why I want to make these changes.

1) Restart my yoga practice

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