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Japan Summer 2011 - Part 1

There's so much I can write about my trip to Japan that just attempting to start this post has been too daunting to make its way into my schedule since I left. Now that I've been out of the country for a week, though, I realize that putting it off any longer might mean that it gets lost in the shuffle. Can't let that happen, can I?


For the fourth or fifth time now, Elliot has let me stay in his awesome apartment in Shibuya. At this point I've actually lived in his apartment for over two months in 2011 alone. Despite doing what I can to be a good guest, I know it's a bit of an imposition to have someone stay with you for such a long time, so a huge thank you is due to Elliot. I'm incredibly fortunate to have somewhere to stay in Tokyo, but far more fortunate that it's at the home of a friend whose company I enjoy, even after so many weeks.

Eating Better


I've been tracking everything I eat lately, and putting some calorie numbers on them.

6 November Indian food: Rice, chicken, curry, vegetables.. Small banana. 900 cal.

9 November Lunch: Big portion rice, curry sauce, chicken. 1000 cal.

12 November Lunch: Two kinds of vegetables (one in very light curry), piece of chicken. 400 cal.

This is kind of crazy. The only difference is, I ordered more vegetables and didn't get any curry on the chicken.

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