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Understanding Pickup

Mystery's show on VH1, The Pickup Artist, has gotten a lot of mainstream attention. As a result there are scores of people in that audience trying to wrap their minds around this whole "pick up thing".

I've read a few message boards where people are discussing the show, and almost universally trying to discredit the pick up. Why are people so against pickup? First instinct might be to assume that girls would be against it, but that guys would all be excited about it. Think about it - it promises to fulfill the #1 goal for nearly every man on the planet.

Here's what I think is happening.

13 Things I learned from 'House of Cards'

On Sui Generis

I am currently following a series about politics in United States of America (USA) called ‘House of Cards’. And I am proud to admit that this series is sick, nasty, and fun to watched. I LOVE IT.It is a story about a politician named Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood, a Democrat who was 'betrayed' by the elected president and planned to have some payback. Frank, with supports from his wife Claire, formulates some scenario that could make him get what he wants while still serving for the country at the same time. Along the series, Frank will encounter many problems and unexpected things, and it is interesting to see how he managed to cope with those obstacles in a very elegant yet manipulative methods. Frank will show the viewers about stuffs like persuasive negotiations, assertive talks, tit for tat, clientilist manner, and many other practice I have learned in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. These are several things that are very essential for me, and you, to understand further about life and politics. It might contradict between one another, because it is indeed a complex series. So, here they are:

1. Politics is about making hard choices

There is no room for doubt in politics. There are only two options: right or wrong. Sometimes you made bad decisions which make you lose confidence or even drown yourself into the flood of misery. The other time, you created miracle. You found solutions, execute it, and watch the positive impact it brings. But most of the time, neither one you make, has only slight difference with the other. All you have to do is to believe, execute, and move on.

2. Blood makes you related to one and another, but loyalty is what makes us a family

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