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How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 3

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I wrote out this entire post before, and then the computer crashed and I lost it all, so I haven't felt like working on it. Finally, I'm biting the bullet and starting over :

The Opposite of Down!

On Where Pianos Roam

This morning, I decided to give myself a little treat.  I've been wanting to see the new Disney/Pixar film "Up" for a while, and so, I found a local theater that is playing a morning (11:30 AM) matinee  of it in 3D. First of all, I really think all films, at least the action-packed kinds, should be in 3D.  My Goodness!!!!  Theater screens with 3D are AMAAAZZING!!!  I totally, completely, LOVED IT!!!!    Oh theater/movie-making GODS!!!  Please make more movies in 3D!! Secondly, this film is just plain beautiful in every way!!!!  It is another Disney/Pixar CLASSIC!!!  It is so delicately and colorfully rendered--makes me wonder if I should have become a cartoonist instead of musician. The soft and rich color palette, the unlikely pairing of an elderly man and (what looks like) an Asian boyscout, the talking dogs, and this adventurous story make for a thrilling movie-going experience!!!! What a glorious, endearing little film!! Go see this movie!!!  See it in 3D!!!  Just go and see it!!!!! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3bwLIVdc4I] I think I might chuckle the next time I see a squirrel. -gordon

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