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Nine out of Ten

Eight years ago, I lived in a house that we called Project Hollywood. A group of the four best pickup artists in the world-- and me-- rented out Dean Martin's old house on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. This was a big deal in the pickup community, and it spawned clones all over the world. One such copycat was Project San Francisco, six hours away from LA. Mystery and I drove up there one day to check it out.

We were both immediately stunned with how well Project San Francisco was run. We were shown to our guest beds, given guest sets of keys, and guest towels. The whole house was clean and well organized. Our house, on the other hand, was chaotic. It was usually a mess and no one really took responsibility for anything beyond their own bedrooms. Generally it was only clean if someone had a girl coming over that he wanted to impress-- and then he cleaned it himself.

The tour through the house continued, and I commented on how clean everything was. In response, I heard the magic words: "Yeah, we try to keep it a nine out of ten at all times".

What an idea! Who would ever admit that they tried to complete something only to ninety percent? Eight years later, I'm still in love with the idea of nine out of ten.

Why Your Life Is Awesome, But You're Still Depressed

On Cameron Chardukian

We’ve got an interesting scenario today. You’re producing great results in your life, and from the outside looking in it looks like you’ve got it all.

You recognize this, and believe you should feel good, but at the same time you still experience primarily negative emotions. Why? Well, there’s several different approaches we could take here, but I’ll offer all of them to you in the hopes that you’re able to find the one most applicable to your situation.

Focus On The Body First

When you experience mental, or emotional challenges it’s important to examine your body’s role in regards to them. The body is the foundation of your mental and emotional experiences. Without a healthy body you’ll lack the foundation required to maintain a structurally sound mental, and emotional ecosystem.

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