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The Four Elements of a Perfect Day

I have a habit of analyzing everything. Call it a hobby, or a side effect of having a blog, constantly worrying that I might just run out of things to say some day. After all, how many different ways can I yell, "Be happy! Do what you want to do! Go to weird places! Wear wool clothing! "? My baseline day is pretty great, but on those occasions where my day just glistens with perfection, I analyze it and try to figure out why.

And although balance isn't a characteristic many people would attribute to my life, oddly enough, I've found that my best days have a balance of different elements to them. These elements may be unique to me, but they're so fundamental that I think they must be universal.

Getting Stuff Done

8 Reasons You're Not Getting The Success You Want

On Huan M. Nguyen

My friend and fellow blogger Cam Chardukian writes in on The Downfall of Video Games:

For example it took almost no effort for me to quit watching television. I've also gone from eating the unhealthiest diet imaginable to literally not having eaten a single desert in 3-4 years and actually finding artificial/processed foods to be disgusting.

Why on the other hand have I been able to make progress in things like socializing or nofap, but ultimately been unable to achieve similar levels of success in them?

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