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How to Listen to Feedback

It's been an interesting month so far. Two relevant things happened: first, I got some critical feedback that I needed to hear but sort of stung, and second, CruiseSheet has been doing extremely well.

For the longest time I've run my businesses as I thought they should be run. I'd hear people out and take advice on small things, but even when lots of smart people I love and respect said that I should do something big differently, I wouldn't. I'd listen and feel like I was considering it, but really I knew I wouldn't take the advice.

And then later I'd think to myself about how I had my own way and how great it was and how some day people will see that my way was right!

But that day never really came.

Great Artists Ship

On No Status Quo

This post is inspired by Steve Jobs and Sebastian Marshall's book Ikigai.

What separates truly great people from others isn't necessarily talent, productivity or hard work. These qualities are important as well, but at the end of the day you won't be judged by how hard you worked or how talented you were. The only thing that really matters is the quality of work you produce.

It doesn't matter how hard you were trying. Effort alone won't get you anywhere. You work has to deliver tangible results, or else you won't be rewarded for it. Great artists ship.

I've been trying to become an online entrepreneur for some time now. I first got excited about it when I was 16. I'm 21 now. 

What have I been doing for the past five years? Actually I've been doing a lot. But how much work did I actually ship? Practically none.

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