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La Revedere, 2013

I'm always amazed at just how much happens in a year. At the end of each year, grateful for a gimme topic to write about, I sit down to write this post. And each time my first thought is, "Yeah, but not that much happened this year." Then I go through my archive for the year and look at the titles of my posts, and I realize that the previous year's farewell post seems to have been forever ago, and that tons has happened since then.

Some quick highlights of the year:

1. I bought an island with nine great friends. I've already written about this ad naseum, but it's one of those ridiculous life goals that you hope might actually come true, worry that it might be too farfetched, and then is every bit as good as you had hoped when realized. I'm really grateful to all of the people bought in and trusted me to make it happen, and for the sellers who were great to work with. This upcoming year is going to be an exciting one for the island.

2. We made some huge progress on Sett. We opened it up to the public and now have over 4500 blogs hosted, growing at a steady 10% per week. We're still in our infancy, but I'm really proud of the platform we've built, and I'm humbled every day by the great blog posts people host with us. Even if your only interaction with Sett has been reading my blog, you've been a part of the process, and I'm grateful for that.

What catalogs sell

On Mike Dariano

These catalogs are selling summer. They are selling beaches and cookouts and time spent outside. They are selling free spirit and relaxation.

But we know that none of these things are contained in the glossy pages, the website, or the box that brings the clothes. You can't buy summer or beaches or cookouts. You create them.

I've not purchased any new clothes this year in part because I've begun to recognize that purchasing clothes brings me nothing but the clothes. There is no way to get the things the clothes symbolize other than creating those things for yourself.

There are hundreds of productivity to-do apps available for the iPhone. I know because I've downloaded at least twenty. After each download I set up the system, import all my tasks and become incredibly productive for the next three days. After that the system slowly gets used less and less - except Evernote. Downloading these apps is selling me on the idea of being productive. I'm using a superficial temporarily effective system to jump start what I want to do.

Instead I just remember. If it's important to do I remember to do it. I try to prioritize three things - thanks to some inspiration from 27GoodThings.com - and focus on doing those things until they are finished.

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