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How to Think About Bad Days

I took a nap today. I slept for about an hour and a half, woke up, thought about doing something productive, and then went back to sleep. Sure, I'd gotten a handful of small things done before the nap, but overall it was a pretty unproductive day.

Having unproductive days isn't the end of the world, but at this point in my life, it feels like I'd better be trading productivity for something valuable: tea with a friend, visiting Iguazu falls, bungie jumping in Hong Kong. Not a nap.

It's times like these that doubt creeps in to an otherwise optimistic mind. Maybe I'm just not that productive. Maybe I'm a bad startup cofounder. A reader tweeted me asking how I can be so productive and still have so much fun, which made me feel like a total fraud. I'm not being productive or having fun, just sleeping.

For a while I tracked how good my days were, and one very clear finding was that the worst days felt like they were the new normal, but never lasted beyond a handful. Maybe five days out of a month would be unproductive days, but each one felt like it would extend forever.


On Stuff in a Notebook

Spring Break is good for my soul. It was much needed, and if I hadn't had it, I probably would have thrown a punch. Had it come any later, I probably would have thrown a punch. Unfortunately, I always manage to get stuck in a post-break or travel slump. Sure, most people take a few days to get back in the swing of things. I take longer.


For as long as I can remember, I have never been home for Spring Break. We always go somewhere, or if my family doesn't, I do. And of course, when you're off travelling during spring break, it really isn't a break, it's a change in lifestyle. So to switch from a leisurely, exciting, or adventurous lifestyle back to a sitting-in-a-classroom lifestyle seems absurd to me, every time. I can learn a lot on my own.


I'm writing this in my calculus class, and I'm not proud of that. Depending on how I spent my spring break, it can take anywhere from two weeks until the next school year for me to readjust to a classroom. Why stay in school then?

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