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Why I Don't Read Your Blog, And Why You Maybe Shouldn't Read Mine

Roger Bannister ran a four minute mile in 1954 because he didn't know that you weren't supposed to be able to run a four minute mile. If he read running blogs, talking about how impossible it was to run a mile in four minutes, he probably wouldn't have done it.

I don't read running blogs. I don't read any blogs at all, which makes me into a huge hypocrite since I think that everyone should read my blog. It's worth it, though, to preserve the sanctity of original action. One of life's most instructive processes is acting when you've received no directions, can't predict the outcome, and are unclear on the boundaries. Only in these situations can one use all of the different areas of his brain in concert.

People ask me RV questions, and when I reply, I wonder if I'm doing them a disservice, only because I fondly remember the years of discovery I went through with my RV. I bought my RV without having ever slept in an RV before; I decided to live in it without knowing that anyone had ever lived on urban streets in an RV before (which, as it turns out, is rather common in San Francisco).

Busiocrity - Busy Does Not Equal Productive

On A Driver Minded Guy Living in a Passenger Minded World

I'm not sure about you but I love the medicine commercials now. With all of the regulatory requirements placed on the pharmaceutical industry, 75% of those commercials are spent informing the potential consumer of all of the side-effects that could happen as a result of taking the medicine. Everything from blood in your urine to constipation to dry mouth or mood swings. I find myself being more intrigued with the side effects and forgetting what the medication is actually supposed to treat! So, in honor of that tradition, let's assume Busiocrityis a virus.... indulge me for a bit.

Busiocrity, a virus that is plaguing offices internationally. Common symptoms:

Sound familiar? If so, you might be suffering from this common virus. Constant emails and meetings that produce no results are becoming an epidemic in today's workplace. As humans, we have evolved from spending our days toiling the land or chasing our food to toiling in meetings and chasing productivity. What's worse is that there seems to be no end in sight for this plague. There are, however, some individuals who have escaped this Zombie virus to rise above the mess. What do they do? Let's take a look:

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