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Thanks Mom and Dad!

Last year on Thanksgiving I made a big list of everyone I knew and thanked them each for something. I was going to do this again, but almost all of them would be the same as last year.

Instead I'm going to talk about my parents a little bit, since they've surely had a bigger influence on me than anyone else.

A lot of the good habits I have today, which essentially define who I am, come directly from my parents. They managed to steer me away from TV, drugs, and alcohol in such a way that I never considered rebelling by indulging in these things.

Feeling thankful - people I love

On Stuff in a Notebook

I've been feeling a bit down lately, so I thought I'd reflect on the people that mean the most to me.*

*names have been changed

Obviously other friends and family members mean a lot to me, but right now these are the people I am feeling extremely grateful for. I know this probably doesn't interest any of you, but it's always nice to put down in words how much someone means to you, and not just on Thanksgiving, or their birthday, or some special event. I'm thankful for them every day, not just once or twice a year.

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