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H to the Izzo

Monday - Jay-Z announces that he's doing a 7 stop tour in one day. I look for details / tickets and there are none of either to be had.

Tuesday - The first tickets start showing up. I e-mail everyone posting them, but they're always sold.

Wednesday - More tickets on craigslist / ebay. I am still e-mailing them, almost get tickets, but don't.

How Can Unschoolers Learn Math?

On Unschoolery

By Leo Babauta

This is one of the most common questions people have about unschooling. It seems that people think reading might be fun enough for an unschooler to do on her own, but math has to be forced.

And there might be something to this -- after all, in school, math isn't often a very loved subject. At least, not unless it comes easy to you and is fun.

So it's a legitimate question. Let's explore it a bit.

But let's start by asking you, my dear reader, a question: if you didn't know math now, as an adult, how would you learn it? If no one was forcing you to learn.

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