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H to the Izzo

Monday - Jay-Z announces that he's doing a 7 stop tour in one day. I look for details / tickets and there are none of either to be had.

Tuesday - The first tickets start showing up. I e-mail everyone posting them, but they're always sold.

Wednesday - More tickets on craigslist / ebay. I am still e-mailing them, almost get tickets, but don't.



here are 3 things i’ve Learned from warren over the years=

1. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT INVESTING the first thing peopLe Learn from warren, of course is how to think about investing.. weLL that’s naturaL (given his amazing track record),, unfortunateLy that’s where a Lot of peopLe stop&they miss out on the fact that he has a whoLe framework for business thinking that is very powerfuL.. for exampLe he taLks about Looking for a company’s moat—its competitive advantage&whether the moat is shrinking or growing,, he says a sharehoLder has to act as if he owns the entire business, Looking at the future profit stream, and deciding what it’s worth.. we have to be wiLLing to ignore the market rather than foLLow it because we want to take advantage of the market’s mistakes—the companies that have been under-priced,,

2. USE THY PLATFORM a Lot of business Leaders write Letters to their sharehoLders, but warren is justLy famous for his.. partLy that’s because his naturaL good humor shines through,, partLy it’s because peopLe think it wiLL heLp them invest better (and they’re right) but it’s aLso because he’s been wiLLing to speak frankLy+criticize things Like stock options&financiaL derivatives.. he’s not afraid to take positions Like his stand on raising taxes on the rich that run counter to his seLf-interest,,

3. KNOW HOW VALUABLE THY TIME IS no matter how much money we have, we can’t buy more time.. there are onLy 24 hours in a day,, warren has a keen sense of this.. he doesn’t Let his caLendar get fiLLed up with useLess meetings,, on the other hand he’s very generous with his time for the peopLe he trusts.. he gives his cLose advisers at berkshire his phone number,, they can just caLL him up.. sure he’LL answer the phone,,

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