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Manish - Post 2

It's fucking early in the morning. I'm at Ty's house. Ty and Neetu are asleep, and I'm left here to battle it out on my own. The last two naps did nothing, except left me hanging in the middle of a sleep cycle. I have a constant dull pain/sleep signal going off in my forhead and behind my eyes. I felt some chest pain earlier. I have to pee a lot, and still very cold and hungry all the time. We went downtown to pass the time during the last cycle. I was too tired to really get into it, but damn did the time fly. We left quick to get back in time for the 1am nap, which sucked ass. My brain is fuxored, my eyes can't focus for very long at any one time. This must be what being addicted to pain killers is like. Maybe I will die.

On the plus side, I haven't had to drive for a few days thanks to my new chauffers Ty and Neetu.

I have a test next Monday and a paper due next Tuesday. I expect to hit some refreshing naps soon so I'll be able to study and get that done. People in my classes were like "you're going to have memory loss, you can't remember stuff on sleep deprivation."

A Worry-Free Morning.

On The Mad Ink3r

Have you ever awaken in the morning, and just felt very peaceful? No stress, No noise, No distractions? Well this morning that's how I feel. I'm supposed to be visiting a museum with my fiancé, and maybe I can share a few things about it when I get back. I'm more of a zoo kind of kid, but I'll be alright. We're going to the Orlando Museum of Art, so I'll be back with some cool stuff to share!

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