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Try Not to be Ignorant

When you write a blog that has a fair number of readers, you get a lot of comments on your writing. I just did a quick query, and I've had over 18,000 comments here, nearly all of which I've read. Most are positive and constructive, some are contrary but still constructive, and some are malicious.

I'd guess I have less than a hundred malicious comments (which is a huge testament to my awesome readers), but they do come once in a while. They don't affect me emotionally because, frankly, pickup gave me a really thick skin, and I have enough positive feedback from people whose opinions I respect.

That doesn't stop me from thinking about the comments, though. I actually find them really fascinating. I mean-- for me to leave even a positive comment, I have to really engage with a post. I can't fathom what would cause me to leave a negative post. What's the point?

There was a comment today about how my carbon footprint is huge, how going to see MMA fights is stupid, how people who fight are stupid, and how America is stupid for hosting such fights.

What you don't know

On I am Leesaa

For all we know the other person could be enjoying your company or advise..but do we actually know what they REALLY think about you? This is the thing that probably baffles me most.

I have never been the popular one, or the smart one, and so people really don't care what i think because i have no power. But if i were to be "the most _ _ _" then people would want to know what i think and try to please me all the time and this is what i call FAKE! Even though i was popular in this fantasy, it doesn't mean that when i critique someone they would like it, they would only appear to like it because of my social status. Also if they didn't like me opinion, they would be the outcast and people and who they thought were their friends would turn on them(this happened to me so yeah).

I didn't post this so that you reading would feel sorry for me, but i posted it because this is what i think. I'm not trying to make you think what i do, but for those who don't agree, i'm just trying to make you see the other side of the argument.

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