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About a week ago I woke up and got out of the RV, which I've had parked on the same street for the better part of the last five months. To my surprise there was ANOTHER RV in front of mine. It was a lot older, but about the same size.

I went to lunch, and as I returned I saw a man getting into the RV.

"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood," I said jokingly.

Changing Your Content and Context

On The Tasteless Manta ray

In yesterday's post I left you with some homework. How'd you do?

I assigned homework because I want to help you change your content and your context. It's not enough to just act, you must also adapt the right mindset. That's mainly why so many people start new diets or set new goals, rock them for about a week and then give up.

I don't disagree that discipline has a lot to do with achieving your goals, but your mindset places a huge factor too. If deep down you're rejecting some aspect of the new lifestyle you hope to live, you will self-sabotage yourself along the way.

Changing your content and context will help you solidify and reinforce the actions you take to create wealth and obtain financial freedom.

Last Night's Assignment Yesterday I asked you to make a list of 20 ways to either make passive income or be more generous. So, how'd you do?

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