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The Art of Being Late

This is going to be the first article in a brand new category called "Social Skills" added to my seemingly-random category list. This series is especially for you pick up people out there. In my time teaching, I always had a good feeling for who would be successful and who would not be, way before we ever went out.

The reason was that some people had blatantly bad social skills. Face it - if you can't interact with GUYS properly, you're starting with girls with a major handicap. So here we're going to talk about everything from e-mail to gift giving. What's first on our radar? Being late. Read on...

Some people are notoriously late for everything. I used to be one of those people myself. But over time it annoyed me when people were late so much that I put in the work and changed that habit. That's not to say that I'm ALWAYS on time. Sometimes it's better to be a little late, and sometimes there are unforseen circumstances. But make no mistake - everyone notices how timely everyone else is, and this can be used to your advantage. Here's a list of common situations, and how prompt to be for each.


On Herald Hippo

No..I am not talking about training..but about trains..the contraptions invented by humans to ride from one place to another.

Some ride on the train, some in the train. Nevertheless train is the common thing. Once upon a time there was a saying: you can set your watch according to the train schedule; also, they said that german trains and swiss ones are the most punctual.

Now, to get to my point...I don't want to bore you, my dear reader. German trains aka DB...are always late. Like, really really really late. I cannot say anything about the swiss ones..did not have the honor.

So, there I was going from Prague to Berlin. Easy does it. I will not get into the details of how we bought the tickets. Short version: three counters, started from 6000 crowns (czech) for two persons..to 3000 crowns (also two persons).

So, there I was at the central train station of Prague, running late, when the board showed me the truth: 140 minutes delay ..not my delay..the train's delay. I admit, it was coming from Hungary...nevertheless ..140 minutes. Ok..we said....let's have a coffee, a sandwich, and we will manage. In 5 minutes the delay increased to 150 minutes. Anyhow, after some time it went to 170 minutes. In between I developed a food poisoning, my friend tried on some pants, we died of the smell of a polecat (yes, it was alive), bought books etc etc..

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