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Take a Day to Clear Everything

Today I decided to just handle everything that's been backing up, but hasn't been a top priority. I set up invoicing for the island and began to collect money from everyone to pay for upcoming expenses. I bought socks. I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay that had been collecting dust for months on my "to sell" shelf. I began the process of switching banks for the island, to avoid monthly fees. I vacuumed. Once I write this, I'll start dealing with the mountain of emails I haven't responded to.

These things have to get done, and it's nice to bring them to a close for their own rewards, but the real benefit is how smoothly everything else goes afterwards. What a feeling it is to work on a big project with no collection of minor tasks nagging in the back of your mind.

Besides the low-level nagging, these unimportant tasks can unexpectedly become top priority. If your sock suddenly has a big hole in it, you have to interrupt your work to buy new socks. This interruption of big blocks of time is toxic.

That's the important thing to remember when considering taking one day to consolidate and deal with buildup. It's not that any of these things in isolation, or even in combination, are more important than your big projects, it's that by getting them out of the way, you can give your big projects the time, focus, and attention they need.

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