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How to Be Happy. Always.

Ok folks... I'm gonna break it down for you Dr. Phil style today, and talk about happiness.

Now, first of all - I don't see why happiness is always priority number one. "Do whatever makes you happy", they say. "Yeah, but is she HAPPY?". Who says this is the holy grail? Personally, I think giving Tynan presents should be the end goal. "Do whatever makes Tynan get more presents" and "Yeah, but is she giving Tynan presents?" both sound pretty sweet to me.

But we live in a world where happiness is number one. They don't ask if happiness makes you money, but if money makes you happy. So, let's get happy.

A bottomless pit

On Etcetera

One of my first few experiences that made me rethink the materialistic way of life was buying something and thinking that it would make me most happy (and keep me most happy) and finding out that was hardly the case.

I have been fortunate to have always got what I have asked for. Be it technology, or food, or a roof over my head, or books, or the company of beautiful people, or vehicles, I have been fortunate. I am grateful to the Whatever it is that gives me what I want. I have been able to manifest whatever my heart has desired, but "true" and "everlasting" happiness seems to be alluding. And I wonder if I'm the only one.

I'm sure there are many, many other who have written on this topic, and this blog is yet another one. But what is it that brings us true happiness, with which we can negate the appeal of materialism? Is materialism bad? Should it be avoided? One thing this has taught me, is that happiness does not, and cannot lie in the world outside.

Our society has become more and more consumerist, and more and more materialist, but are we happy? Has your level of happiness increased? Are you more happy today that you were a decade ago? If yes, then that's great! But if not, then you and I must be doing something wrong, no?

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