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First - let me get this out of the way : I fed a squirrel. I saw a bunch of squirrels so I went back to the RV and got some almonds. I put one in my hand and sat around forever, and finally a squirrel came and ate it. It was the cutest thing ever - he put his little front paws on my hand to eat it. Now I'm obsessed with feeding the squirrels, but I haven't had any more success.

Ok, so let me share a few things with you that will keep you entertained for a while.

I read the book, "The Four Hour Workweek"

More to be said


I just so happened that today was a tiny speck in the great picture of what has been happening lately. Things have undergone a radical change and I don't think we were prepared for such an event. Even though you see the writing on the wall sometimes, it doesn't mean you are willing to LOOK nor does it mean you will see what is there to be seen, unless you're really ready to see that something IS THERE...

I've been trying for ages to come to terms with the bleedin obvious only there was a tacit agreement and quite frankly, they are the worst! You know what I mean - something experienced by the great majority which is then - for whatever reason - squashed into a tiny little piece of insignificant nothingness. We do that: it's what we do when we don't want to rock the boat.

Only it just sits right on top of you and after a while, why you might even develope a headache because it does no good sitting there like that! So you and everyone else in this little play are keeping a lid on what is really happening; what is REALLY bothering everyone. I don't like that. It takes forever to get things sorted out when this sort of thing is happening. Anyway I'm just doing a short post - just to get it off my chest and who knows: maybe I will be able to sleep now.


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