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First - let me get this out of the way : I fed a squirrel. I saw a bunch of squirrels so I went back to the RV and got some almonds. I put one in my hand and sat around forever, and finally a squirrel came and ate it. It was the cutest thing ever - he put his little front paws on my hand to eat it. Now I'm obsessed with feeding the squirrels, but I haven't had any more success.

Ok, so let me share a few things with you that will keep you entertained for a while.

I read the book, "The Four Hour Workweek"

My First Post!

On Honey, My Pants Don't Fit

There once was a girl named Susan. She was outgoing, fun, happy, and liked herself. That girl, however, is gone now.

I am starting a journey to find her again and, hopefully, becoming her again. I have decided to make this transformation public because, well, everything else I have tried has failed...I have failed.

So here I am, putting myself out there, knowing that not everyone I meet on this trip will be kind, but I feel that this is the only way that I will find the conviction to stick with it.

My greatest hope is that I make myself proud, find the "me" I lost, and become an overcomer!

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