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The Yoga Disaster

One of the great things about being polyphasic is that my friends are on awful sleep schedules. Some of them stay up until 7am, others wake up at 7am, so at any given time there's a good chance that I have awake friends.

This morning at 7am Hayden calls and asks if I want to do yoga with him. Of course I do. This is the hot yoga, "Bikram", which literally translated means "the most severe torture known to man that somehow hotties can handle".

I hop in my car and head to his place. Hmm. The ride seems a little rough. Not to get too sidetracked, but I thought it would be really cool if I bought 19" rims instead of the stock 16" rims. It looks fantastic, but these stupid wheels have given me nothing but trouble. Literally every single one has gone flat, they have damaged my brakes, etc.

Homeland Season 2 (movie review)

On Mike Dariano

I recently finished watching Homeland: The Complete Second Season and didn't like myself for watching it. The main characters are a possible terrorist and a lying CIA agent. The most moral of the characters is my least favorite. There is a lot of death and hate. At the end I wasn't hoping for awful things to happen but given the characters that's the only ending that was possible. It was like a bad Chinese buffet. I was excited for everything when I sat down but when I stood up afterwards I did not feel good.

Lately I've been trying to fill my life with good things. I'm trying to limit the number of 'complainypants' people and increase the number of upbeat ones. I'm trying to find moments that I'm not happy, figure out why, and convert them to happier ones. This show does not help any of that. This is a show that, except for a few small moments, reminded me of the worst people can be. Ooof.

Beyond this spiritual/moral quandary the show was decent but not good. The casting is great and I've never watched a show where the actors were matching the emotional moments better. The terror, horror, and disgust that Claire Danes shows is too real and her co-stars are just as good. The storyline in this second season felt a bit contrived (what was I expecting from a fictional TV show I don't know) and the season three premise feels even more so. I suspect that much like 24, the best of this show has passed because the novelty and freshness is gone. How many times can Carrie/Jack Bauer save the world despite no one believe in them? For me the answer is zero. Thanks for one and a half good seasons Homeland.

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