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Quitting BTYB?

Maybe by definition, but not in spirit.

I've been thinking a lot about BTYB / LN over the past couple weeks, which lead to the survey from yesterday (please take a minute to fill it out if you haven't already). Tonight I had a conversation about all this with Carl Zetterlund, a long time reader who is doing a segment of LN with me right now.

So, I think it's time to make some changes. Here are the problems, as I see them:

Week One Review

On betternotstop

It's been a difficult week on the 'diet' front. With festival season over I expected work to slow down but if anything I am twice as busy as I was before. Making sure I have had exciting food on hand has been practically impossible. I still plan to stick to the Vegan diet for the rest of the month but have to admit this week my food choices have been pretty boring - green salads, pasta, fruit. Hardly inspiring and not something I would be able to stick to long term at all.

So for the results. I have been watching what I eat and indulging in a daily yoga practice and as a result I have lost.... 6lbs! I actually can't quite believe I managed to lose so much in the first week - I think that is a testament to how badly I was looking after myself before. MyFitnessPal has been a great way to track my diet and exercise, throughly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch what they eat.

It's been raining and horrid today and I couldn't be bothered to go to the shops. I searched through the cupboards and found some bean burgers and quinoa and knocked together a pretty filling healthy lunch. Check it out!


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